Celine Announces New Perfume Collection Drop For June 2024

Emma Hodgson   |   25-04-2024

The French house of Celine has announced that it will release a brand-new scent in June.  

Dubbed “ZouZou” the scent will join the now 12-piece Celine Haute Parfumerie collection. There are three evening scents and nine daytime perfumes in the lineup, with ZouZou falling under the latter category. 

According to the house, the latest scent is inspired by the “slyph-like heroines of the 1960s.” In the notes which accompanied the announcement, Celine said the scent was influenced by “fresh-faced and mischievous-looking heroines with their short haircut framing delicate features and a smiling pout… ZouZou brushes the portrait of these heroines and their carefree lightheartedness.”

The new scent includes notes of benzoin, tonka bean, patchouli, labdanum, vanilline and musk. Discussing his inspiration for these olfactory choices, Hedi Slimane said “I wished to create a perfume about utopic adolescence, capturing an ideal of eternal youth. The recklessness of the young French writer Françoise Sagan, the ingenue boyishness of Jean Seberg filmed by Jean Luc Godard, the magnificent heroines of the Velvet Underground, together with the young woman I was able to photograph for more than 20 years.

The new scent will be available from June 2024.