Level Shoes Puts Its Own Employees in the Forefront For New Campaign

Lindsay Judge   |   08-06-2021

Level Shoes new campaign showcases the latest styles on its own employees.


This is the first campaign of a series that highlights and features some of its own talents, making them part of the concept’s continuous journey.


“We recently looked at a lot of different ways to celebrate our people on our platforms, because we realised that no matter how many brands we sell — our real sense of purpose is ultimately our people,” says General Manager, Elisa Bruno. “It’s the people that you have the opportunity to meet and work with, because those people can change your life in so many ways. We leaders have the responsibility to inspire the people in our organisation so that they can do the same with our clients”.




The new campaign features a curated selection of the latest international collections worn by a multi-cultural squad, embracing the company values of inclusion and sustainability.


Each one of the brand’s employees makes up the identity of Level Shoes – they are trusted advisors to clients, buyers, personal shoppers, visual merchandisers, and marketers. They are the enablers of the whole experience and the face of all brands to the customers.


The campaign was shot in Dubai and saw each of the staff members wearing the products they proudly sell – from sandals, sneakers, flats, slides and more for both men and women.



The latest collections are now available at Level Shoes in The Dubai Mall or online at levelshoes.com