Serapian Partners with Emirati Designer Sara Altamimi on an Exclusive Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   05-12-2022

Milanese luxury leather goods manufacturer Serapian has teamed up with Emirati designer Sara Altamimi to create a limited edition capsule collection that’s exclusive to the Middle East.


Paying tribute to the elegance of the UAE and Emirati women on the occasion of UAE National Day, this partnership honours both the heritage of the UAE and the fine craftsmanship of the Italian brand.


Serapian began life in 1928 when the Maison was founded by Stefano Serapian. It has become a strong ambassador for Italian crafts and remains dedicated to producing its products in Italy, using only the finest leathers and materials. It’s a brand that puts quality, family and tradition at the heart of everything it does, mirroring the values of the UAE and its people. Partnering with Emirati designer Sara Altamimi the brand presents reimagined versions of its iconic Secret Bag.


The collection features various colourways, taking inspiration from Sara’s sketches, with just ten pieces of each design available. ‘‘I sketch a lot because my head is always bursting with ideas that I want to execute in different ways, and I was excited when Serapian introduced me to a way of executing my ideas through a new medium I hadn’t explored before.’’ Said Sara. Here we find out more about the collaboration.




Tell us about the collection you have created in partnership with Serapian – what is the highlight for you?

There are two aspects that are highlights for me, the first was being able to collaborate with a brand that has a rich history and some of the finest savoir-faire in the luxury world. Another highlight was the joy of exploring all the colours of the Mosaico nappa leather and the layers that went into the craftsmanship, it was an exciting experience, especially being a designer myself.


How did this collaboration come about?

Quality, authenticity, and attention to detail are at the centre of this beautiful collaboration. Merging Milanese elegance with Emirati sophistication, each design from this collection was originally introduced by the Maison and was part of its archive that includes over 700 creations. I selected the renowned Secret design and reinterpreted it in four different sizes and designs suitable for different occasions.



What are the values that you share with Serapian? 

Quality & art; I appreciate when time and effort are invested in creating a beautiful piece.


How do you think the elegance of Emirati women and culture reflects that of Milanese heritage?

Elegance is the essence of women in the Emirates, we do not settle for less and of course, no place translates that better than the heart of fashion; Milan.


How does your heritage and culture inspire you in what you do? 

I create what I love which is a reflection of my upbringing, my culture and my heritage.



This issue is dedicated to celebration – what are you celebrating this year?

I am celebrating innovation in the world of fashion and precisely the world of luxury fashion where we are becoming more planet and wearer friendly.


How will you be celebrating the upcoming UAE National Day?

We usually celebrate it at home, outdoors with a family BBQ and we watch the fireworks.


What does this day mean to you?

It’s a celebration of the country’s remarkable accomplishments thanks to our ruling fathers the hard work of our Royal family and the people of the nation.



What is a strong memory you have of the UAE from your childhood?

The UAE means home to me; the feeling of belonging and safety.


Can you tell us what else you are working on currently? 

I am always working on something new, I love exploring innovative solutions and adding to it my design expertise.


Can you share a little about your creative process?

It starts with a vision of what’s next, a forecast of where our mood and mental thoughts would be at, and then comes the creative part which pins down the final piece.



What inspires you?

The current mood of the world and the people that are in it.


What is the professional motto you live by?

Always head forward as fast as you can and wish.


What is a message you would send to our readers on why they should discover this capsule collection? 

It’s a very fun collection, a marvellous merge of design and craftsmanship, the shapes and colours mirror the way we live here in the Middle East, suiting our everyday needs.


By Lindsay Judge



The Serapian x Sara Altamimi capsule collection is exclusively available to purchase in the Middle East on