Versace Introduces a New Line of Bags and Accessories

Lindsay Judge   |   31-08-2022

Versace has a new line of bags and accessories. The Greca Goddess celebrates Versace’s iconic motif; the Medusa head with a fresh bold interpretation.


“Greek Goddesses have always been part of Versace DNA and the Greca Goddess captures their clash of cultures and emotion. Classical with a subversive rebellion, the cold metal Greca dressed in warm gold. These juxtapositions create something new. When I touch the strong, cold metal of the Greca it makes me feel my strength and confidence.” Said Donatella Versace.



The bags have a sculptural feel with precise angles and feminine curves coming together in sleek leather. The geometric Greca hardware powerfully punctuates each style and gives a sense of richness and elevated luxury.


This new symbol represents the brand’s heritage and DNA and offers a modern take on the past, with elegant, understated details.



The collection features a shoulder bag, large clutch, and a selection of small leather accessories.