Trend alert! Five key spring/summer 2016 trends to watch out for…

  |   09 - 02 - 2016

hbz-ss2016-trends-bombers-08-fendi-rs16-0467 hbz-ss2016-trends-bombers-04-versace-rs16-3410 hbz-ss2016-trends-bombers-02-alexander-wang-rs16-2665

[Left to right: Fendi, Versace and Alexander Wang]

Bomber jackets

Making their way from the runway to your wardrobe; they can be cropped, voluminous, retro or chic. This is the new staple for the season. It’s even seen a lot at the men’s shows, so don’t miss out!

hbz-ss2016-trends-pj-dressing-10-thakoon-rs16-1169 hbz-ss2016-trends-pj-dressing-06-rykiel-rs16-7360 hbz-ss2016-trends-pj-dressing-01-dolce-e-gabb-rs16-0482

[Left to right: Thakoon, Sonia Rykiel and Dolce&Gabbana]

Pyjamas look

Designers have highlighted that pyjamas don’t have to stay in doors this season. Wear satin, cotton poplins, floral satins, or whatever takes your fancy. Just make sure you wear them with pride and rock the hottest new trend. 

hbz-ss2016-trends-slips-09-chloe-rs16-3962 hbz-ss2016-trends-slips-05-alexander-wang-rs16-2658 hbz-ss2016-trends-slips-01-givenchy-rs16-3583-1

[Left to right: Chloe, Alexander Wang and Givenchy]

Slip dresses

That ’90s slip dress is making a comeback. Minimalist and chic; we just love the look. These slips are great sexy summer outfits. 

hbz-ss2016-trends-stripes-01-dior-rs16-5907_1 hbz-ss2016-trends-stripes-06-chloe-rs16-4036 hbz-ss2016-trends-stripes-03-ferragamo-rs16-1561

[Left to right: Christian Dior, Chloe and Salvatore Ferragamo]

Stripe attack

Colouring between the lines. Make a bold statement. Layer different shades to create a rich ensemble for wardrobe envy.

hbz-ss2016-trends-spain-07-balmain-rs16-4034 hbz-ss2016-trends-spain-02-schouler-rs16-3846 hbz-ss2016-trends-spain-01-de-la-renta-rs16-1372

[Left to right: Balmain, Proenza Schouler and Oscar de la Renta]

Spanish señorita

Flamenco ruffles, off-the-shoulder pieces and shocks of red have us dreaming and cooing of España in the spring.