The new Limited Edition Longchamp piece has Dubai’s name on it!

Natalie Hanson   |   09-04-2017

Longchamp has created a brand new Roseau 1948 bag and it has Dubai’s name on it!


The series of Limited Edition bags are dedicated to all the self-confident world travellers out there. The bag is a twist on the timeless bag in a jacquard canvas version trimmed with navy leather, proudly bearing the Longchamps icons of a galloping horse, a horseshoe and smoking pipes encased in a vintage insignia.

There are 24 cities to choose from, including Dubai! The piece would make an excellent gift or just a cool piece to express love for the city you live in, but you’ll have to hurry as there are only very limited pieces of this extra special series!

Longchamps is available at the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Galeries Lafayette