Femininity & Grace: Omani Fashion Designer Noor Anwar Al Bahrani Discusses Embracing Femininity Through Her Designs

Lindsay Judge   |   22-04-2021

Noor Anwar Al Bahrani launched her eponymous fashion label during the global pandemic. While the turbulent time was not in the plans for the designer, she was able to overcome many challenges to find a place in the market that caters to today’s modern woman.


Born and raised in Oman, Noor Anwar Al Bahrani studied Electronic Engineering before changing to a career in fashion design. After the birth of her first daughter, Noor soon realised her lifelong love for fashion should be channelled into her own label, and so launched Noor Al Bahrani in 2020. Noor’s designs are feminine and modern with a unique twist on tradition. Her soft colour palettes are both flattering and easy to wear. Inspired by nature and timeless storytelling, Noor creates dreamy modest pieces that are a reflection of her personal style and unwavering vision. This Ramadan, Noor launches a collection dedicated to the desert rose, a unique and beautiful flower that represents the femininity of women and new life. We find out more about the collection and her journey to creating her own label.



You studied electronic engineering before starting your own fashion line – what first inspired you to move into the world of fashion?

I have always had a love for fashion and it was something I wanted to pursue. During our travels, my husband and I would often discuss fashion and how it resonates with each destination we’re in. I realised that the market was missing something which motivated me to design pieces for myself and this led to the start of Noor Al Bahrani.


What were some of the reactions you received from those around you when you decided to change your career path?

I received very supportive and encouraging feedback from my family and friends. They knew how much I loved fashion and believed that this was the right step for me.



You launched your brand at quite a turbulent time in the world – what are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Going into lockdown soon after I launched my brand came as a shock to me! Navigating through this was a challenging but rewarding experience. I saw it as an opportunity to build my brand presence and create a strong sense of brand identity.


What is a lesson you have learnt from this year?

The biggest lesson I learned was that if you continue to work hard and preserve your company then you cross any tough waters.



Who is the woman you design for?

She is a woman who loves dreamy, romantic silhouettes and wants to embrace her feminine side.


Tell us about the Spring/Summer 2021 collection

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection is inspired by the desert rose. This season, I wanted to translate its beauty and vibrant colour into designs that exude femininity and elegance.



There are some beautiful details in the pieces, can you share a little about your choice of materials and details?

To symbolise the inspiration of the desert rose, I have incorporated tone-on-tone flowers handcrafted from feathers for a novel take on statement details. I worked with chiffon and silk fabrics as I love the luxurious feel it adds to each design. I also played with crepe, tulle and lace to bring out the intricate detailing I wanted to emphasise.


You introduced childrenswear this season – tell us a little about that and how it complements the ladies pieces.

I have always wanted to design “Mommy & Me” looks as my oldest daughter would often ask me to design dresses for her which fuelled my passion further. The childrenswear pieces take the best details from the ladies pieces and translate them into designs that are perfect for the little ones.



How do you think your heritage inspires you in what you do?

My designs are inspired by my heritage as I like to work with traditional silhouettes and add Noor Al Bahrani’s signature feminine details to it.


We are soon approaching the month of Ramadan – what does this month mean to you? 

Ramadan is a beautiful and special month that I consider a time to be grateful for all our blessings and a time to give and help those in need.



Can you share some tips on dressing during Ramadan as well as for Eid celebrations? 

During Ramadan, I love to dress in flowy kaftans in light fabrics for the warm days. While during Eid, I opt for pieces that have more embellishment and pair them with heels and jewellery as it is a time for celebration. I believe each person should be confident in what they wear and feel beautiful, so always choose pieces that best suit you.


What is your first memory of fashion?

My first memory of fashion is playing pretend with my Barbie dolls. I used to love choosing their clothes and matching different outfits for them.



What is your vision for the future of your brand?

I would love to see Noor Al Bahrani stocked at retailers across the world. My dream is to see my designs at Harrods one day!


What is something you would like to see in regards to designers in the region being recognised on an international scale?

Designers in the region have an immense amount of talent and a creative eye for fusing tradition with modernity. I would love to see designers from the region recognised for this talent and as fashion that surpasses the borders of the Middle East.



How do you overcome challenges?

I view every challenge as a learning curve to become better at what I do.


You are a proud mum – how do you juggle family and work life? 

I love my family and I love my work so I do my best to balance by working from home and from the workshop. I have also prepared a space for my kids at my workshop so that I get more time with them. They are a source of energy for me.



What is the professional motto you live by?

Follow your passion, be flexible and work with love.


How would you describe your brand in one word?