Fendi Presents California Sky Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   09 - 07 - 2020

Fendi’s latest collection California Sky is the first story of the pre-fall collections for this year.


Partnering with contemporary artist Joshua Vides, the brand brings a cartoon style collection that replicates the artist’s signature art style.


FENDI California Sky Peekaboo Iconic Medium Bag


One of the most interesting figures in the contemporary art scene, Vides is known worldwide for his unique black and white marker style artworks.


FENDI California Sky Shoes


In this collection, Vides gives his dizzyingly cool, cartoon-like treatment to a range of women’s, men’s and kid’s ready-to-wear and Accessories pieces.


FENDI California Sky Textiles


This super-cool collection sees streetwear staples get a unique makeover and will bring a much needed playful mood to your wardrobe. Black and white prints and geometric lines are ‘drawn’ on to classic pieces for a modern and unique approach to fashion.


FENDI California Sky Bucket Hat


The name; California Sky represents the cool, laidback casual vibes of LA that are interpreted through each of the pieces. If you can’t travel to LA this summer you can still feel its mood with this cool and playful collection.