Hussein Bazaza is Donating to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

Lindsay Judge   |   24 - 08 - 2020

When the explosion happened in Beirut on 6th August 2020 many of the city’s hospitals were destroyed or badly damaged.


The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon was one of those badly hit, terrifying the children.


This terrible explosion meant that much of the equipment needed to treat them was destroyed, beds were damaged, furniture shattered and this centre wasn’t even the worst hit.


So many children suffering from cancer in the city were transferred from hospitals that had been very badly damaged to the already shattered Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

The centre is now overrun and still trying to deal with its own damages while continuing to keep these sick children safe and provide the treatment they need.


To help support these children in need Hussein Bazaza has decided to donate the proceeds from his Archives Project Vol.1 to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon to assist in the care of these sick children.


For the remainder of the month of August through until the end of October, all proceeds will be donated to the centre.


To shop the collection head to the website Here