Arab American couture designer Zaid Farouki launches in Dubai

  |   24-03-2016

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Emerging Arab American atelier designer Zaid Farouki always wanted to design. But when it came to the idea of applying to universities and picking a major he was told as long as he got a degree in business he could do whatever he wanted, afterwards. So that is exactly what he did. He moved to Washington DC and attended American University and majored in business administration with  marketing. During this time his artistic side felt starved so he started art classes and also did a studio art minor, which included painting, sculpting, and multimedia. He also started his own fashion blog

In his final year in DC, he applied to Istituto Marangoni, in Milan, and he got in. After receiving his degree in fashion design he moved to London and attended Central Saint Martins and took specialised courses in couture techniques and embroidery as well as hand-painting. Now, in 2016 he has launched his first atelier collection in Dubai.

Farouki is from a global background. He said: “I found inspiration in the fusion of cultures. Imagining a woman adorned by European clean cuts, true American liberties and the ever-existing Arab dramatisation has helped me to create the globally hybrid woman, a representative of a new globalised world and a woman I yearn to design for.”

The couture designer added: “My exclusive one of a kind creations are all hand made and abide by couture techniques, embroidery and finishings. Furthermore, all of my prints and colours are hand-painted onto the fabric; therefore the wearer becomes a walking piece of art.”

His designs are individually and specially painted by him which makes his pieces extraordinary. For his new collection, Dripping Amends, he imagined a woman of contemporary values walking through the hallways of a 16th century châteaux. As she explores the estate throughout the night, with nothing other than candles lighting her path and wax dripping onto her clothes, she emerges a different woman. Farouki welcomes his clients into a unique and personalised world of wearable art.


Looks 1:

Constructed to give the wearer comfort, appeal and edge. This ensemble comprises of two individual pieces. A fully painted geometric corset top with a tail complimented with a pair of blue silk pants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.29.53

Look 2:

The idea of this dress came to life with the inspiration of flowers. Constructed with multiple internal layers, with a front pleat depicting a petal this dress is completely hand painted.

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Look 3

Inspired by the woman walking through the hallways of an 16th century châteaux. This blue painted dress holds her portrait. Adorned with a crown, the model depicts the idea that the woman walking through the châteaux is a descendant of previous inhabitants of the estate and is of royal lineage.


Look 4

Imagining her exploring the estate throughout the night, with nothing other than candles lighting her path and wax dripping onto her clothes. A yellow satin dress painted with five different shades of green symbolising the candle drippings that she acquired throughout the night; furthermore, she is adorned with a crown representing her royal lineage, a hand embroidered lace veil with a motif inspired by candle drippings.


Look 5

As she explores the dark estate through the night she assumes the role of a warrior princess. She wears leather and a hand-painted organza top,  with a print that is inspired by candle drippings, and a chiffon skirt with two front slits to highlight her femininity.


Look 6

At the break of dawn she has completely shed her warrior instincts, emerging as the rightful heir to the estate. Wearing a high-low royal blue silk duchess dress.