Lebanese pianist and composer Rami Khalife Stars in Brunello Cucinelli’s Latest Sentiment

Lindsay Judge   |   27-07-2020

Brunello Cucinelli has partnered with Lebanese pianist and composer Rami Khalife for its latest sentiment.


Captured across the sea of poppies in Castelluccio di Norcia Italy, the beautiful video signifies signs of rebirth, awaiting the rays of sunshine to light up the colours in life. A very poignant message to be sharing at this time.




Cucinelli is sharing the message that this time mirrors the wisdom of nature in our soul and the notes are the melody of life, culture and creativity.


The song for “new time” was written and performed by pianist and composer Rami Khalife together with drummer Aymeric Westrich. Specifically created for this project and recorded at the Abbey Road Institute in Paris, the melody reflects the spirit of the places depicted in the video and the emotions conveyed by its evocative images.


An integral part of the entire project, Rami Khalife also starred in the video. The artist plays his song – composed for “New Time” – on the piano, surrounded by a place of rare and compelling beauty: the plain of Castelluccio di Norcia.