Marc Jacobs Presents the Fall 2022 Collection in New York

Fiona Lee   |   28-06-2022

Marc Jacobs presented the womenswear Fall 2022 collection in New York with extravagant designs and a multitude of materials. We discover the looks below.


On Monday 27th June, Marc Jacobs presented the womenswear Fall 2022 collection in the grand marble lobby of the New York public library. This show was held exactly one year after the last show at the same location. The show was titled “Choice” and was clearly reflected in the materials and silhouettes presented.


Marc Jacobs has always had a flair for creating drama and was not afraid to experiment with materials and designs in this collection. Knits, denim, foil, vinyl and even glass, paper and plaster were all used to create the exquisite pieces on show. Gigi and Bella Hadid were given fascinating makeovers, alongside other models who presented the futuristic ready-to-wear clothes.



On one model, the knits would be brightly coloured and oversized, tied around shoulders and waists, almost hiding the human that was underneath, on the next model, a shiny, metallic purple ballgown was worn, with different layers creating impact and volume. The apparel was paired with white chunky platforms that continued throughout and were a bold accessory that reflected the collection perfectly.


“My sentiment is unwavering,” Marc Jacobs wrote. “Creativity is essential to living.”


See more of the Marc Jacobs collection below: