Menswear Spring/Summer 2023: Behind the Scenes with Moschino

Fiona Lee   |   28-06-2022

The Moschino Spring/Summer 2023 menswear collection pays homage to the iconic works and approach of the late artist Tony Viramontes. We discover this artistic collection from behind the scenes.


Creative Director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott created this latest collection using fashion artist Tony Viramontes’ striking artwork as inspiration. The late artist became known for the way in which he could capture bold aesthetics through both camera lense and creative mediums. Viramontes’ would focus on the face and body movement, using dark lines and shapes with pop-bright colours intertwined.


“I wanted to shine a light on this brilliant creator,” says Scott. “He may not be a household name, but Tony Viramontes is a force.”



The artwork was presented on Moschino garments in abstract visages, squiggles and expressive strokes, with new silhouettes that play with length and height. Pieces include shorts, pleated skirts, tapered pants, oversized coats and leather jackets, each enlivened by polychrome treatments.


Moschino has cleverly woven its classic DNA into the artwork of Viramontes’ for this Spring/Summer 2023 collection, which is both striking and sophisticated.


Here is more of the collection from behind the scenes: