Milan Fashion Week: Prada Fall/Winter 2021 Women’s Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   28-02-2021


The Prada Fall/Winter 2021 Womenswear collection Possible Feelings II: Transmute by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons is inspired by the idea of change and transformation, opening possibilities.



A coming together of opposites and embracing the freedom of expression through fashion. Classic pieces are re-engineered to cater to the woman of today and her ever-changing needs.



Inspired by the idea of change and transformation; two aspects that open a world of possibilities, this collection, the second for the design duo, reflects the ever-changing landscape we live in today.



This collection explores the space that exists between conventional polar opposites – the point between simplicity and complexity, elegance and practicality, limitation and release, transmuted.



The freedom of the body is celebrated through fitted bodysuits in stretch jacquard-knit. While movement is represented through pleats and gathers in skirts and trousers. Tailored suits are both classic yet modern, bridging the gap between masculinity and femininity.



Clothes are both functional and stylish with pieces being re-engineered to be multi-functional. evening-gowns become utilitarian jumpsuits and tailored coats are proposed in bright colours or executed in paillettes, transforming and mutating between antonymous purposes. Outerwear is key to the collection. Executed in re-nylon and jacquard, faux fur and sequins.



Traditionally gendered fabrics are recontextualized. Embellishment is structural, economical, and combinations and juxtapositions of surfaces evoke tension. This is mirrored by the multi-textural environment that envelops the models.


This collection was not just highlighting the new chapter of Prada now two great fashion minds are working alongside each other, but a new chapter of the world and an adjustment to fashion moving forward.