Once Upon A Bag: The Latest Edition of the Hermès Heritage Exhibition Will Take Place in Qatar

Fiona Lee   |   09-05-2022

The National Museum of Qatar is set to host Once upon a bag: a new chapter of Hermès Heritage, an exclusive exhibition from Hermès.


Between the 28th of May and the 11th of June, the National Museum of Qatar will be hosting the fourth chapter in the Hermès Heritage cycle of touring exhibitions. Titled ‘Once Upon A Bag’, the presentations explore the story of the brand, from its origins to the present day, transcending eras and generations.


This edition, “Once upon a bag” invites visitors to travel back and forth between past and present discovering the history, know-how and design of the House’s iconic accessories.


Structured into themes, the exhibition tells a story devoted to the different families of bags. The scenography draws parallels between fifty or so contemporary models and objects from the house’s collections. Both men’s and women’s, from everyday to travel and sports bags are displayed, presenting the defining stages of their respective stories in this remarkable cabinet of curiosities.



The display begins with the history of the ‘Haut a courroies’ bag, which first appeared in the early 20th century. This artefact with equestrian roots bears witness to the house’s expansion into leather goods, and from then on, how it underwent a great change accompanying the changes taking place in society.


The exhibition continues the story by showcasing exceptional pieces such as the ‘Sac pour l’auto’ the first model to incorporate a zip, and many other designs that became lighter and even more innovative for their time. Finally, the exhibition concludes with a dreamlike world, an imagination of fairy-tale pieces that evoke distant horizons.


If you’re travelling to Qatar later this month, don’t forget to check out this magical exhibition and travel on a journey through fashion history.


The Exhibition will run from 28th of May and the 11th of June at The National Museum of Qatar, Doha.