Rami Kadi Showcases His Fall/Winter 2022-23 Haute Couture Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   14-07-2022

Rami Kadi presented his Fall/Winter 2022-23 Haute Couture collection with a colourful film showcasing the vibrant designs.


The collection “Le Réveil: A Story of Enduring Life” told the story of building new foundations on top of chaos and ruin; a symbolic subject which could represent the state of Earth today, as well as the situation in Kadi’s home country of Lebanon.



The collection which was unveiled on 13th July 2022 features five key colours; Fuchsia, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange, with five dresses in each hue. There is also a selection of black and white dresses to complete the offering of 35 looks in total.



The presentation opened with the reveal of the black and white dresses, representing two opposites that cannot exist without each other.



Then came the burst of colour with each hue representing a unique element: Fuchsia, which defines our Inspirational Uniqueness; Blue, which clutches the heart with Cherished Nostalgia; Green, which allows the tranquillity of Harmonious Growth; Yellow, which embodies the spirit of Powerful Rebirth, and Orange, which offers the warmth of Compassionate Bliss.



“Life is a labyrinth of complexity. As much as we find comfort in duality, nothing about life is black-and-white. It’s a never-ending spew of colour spectacle. And from this spectacle comes our fights, and they are often many,” says Rami Kadi, “but it is those fights that create the most beautiful canvasses.”