Revealed: Roger Vivier’s Vibrant Kaleidochoc Bag Collection

Fiona Lee   |   31-05-2022

Roger Vivier reveals a new dimension of the house’s signature bag, with vibrant colours and textures for Spring 2022.


The Viv Choc was introduced in 2021 as a new house icon, designed in single colours and inspired by the Choc heel created by Monsieur Vivier in 1959. Roger Vivier’s current Creative Director, Gherardo Felloni, has reimagined this icon, revealing new dimensions for 2022 as he debuts the Kaleidochoc bag.


The 20-piece collection of day and evening bags explores the iconic style through a myriad of artisanal crafts. The result is endless possibilities of colour, texture, and detail that captivate like a mesmerising kaleidoscope, constantly changing pattern and sequence.



Precious beading and embroidery are just some of the innovations explored, as art, jewels, and the Vivier DNA combines on either leather, satin, or velvet materials, on which Gherardo Felloni invokes the savoir-faire of the Maison.


“Each bag is a set of materials and colors created by the layering of embroideries and prints, making them as unique as a kaleidoscope view,” said Gherardo Felloni, adding, “The house artisans engaged in specialized techniques on each bag. Printing, inlays that create threading effects; contrasting tones, water-drilling, mattress stitching that mimic handwoven straw chairs, and refined handiwork are some of the ways the collection was constructed.”



Supporting this important launch is Camille Razat, the captivating French actress who co-stars in “Emily in Paris”. She is featured in a campaign empowering strong, elegant women who desire to feel glamorous and beautiful. The bag acts as the perfect companion showing the ease of carrying this unique bag with any look. Camille Razat was selected as she perfectly represented the spirit of the design and France, following Roger Vivier’s deep connection with the country’s most famous ladies.



Roger Vivier stores across the world, including Dubai, ignite in a reflective explosion, emphasizing the bag’s vibrant nature. The Kaleidochoc mise en scene can be found in stores now, inviting customers to discover this dramatic new collection.


Find a Roger Vivier store at the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.