Paris Fashion Week: Giambattista Valli FW18

Dana Mortada   |   05-03-2018


















































Sparkles and neutrals, and elegance, these were the unforgettable ingredients at Giambattista Valli’s Fall 2018 runway show.


We all anticipated plenty of florals and volumes, but this time around Valli presented his two favourite elements by showing extreme romanticism from head-to-toe, even model’s faces were fully adorned glittery makeup.


Inspired by the clash of cultures, this collection was Valli’s reaction to the world’s political state; he stressed by saying backstage “humanity, much less politics. He shows his appreciates to flavorful colours of the orient, mixed with the French influences of floral embroideries infused with Italy’s lavish touch.


Of course, Valli kept his authentic love for elaborate and regal dresses- with maxi-cuts and flattering silhouettes, featuring intricate works with leather floral embroidery and hologram-like patterns. Apart from the after-dark pieces, there were also daywear ensembles, the show’s first look was a classic denim jumpsuit matched with clean tailored plaid pants, including on-trend jackets and knit V-neck shirts coordinated with lengthy button-up skirt.


We are obsessed! Valli gave this season a dash of personal flare with interesting accessories of silky scarves, bold gold jewellery and quirky sandals paired with vibrant printed tights.



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