Schiaparelli Holds Its First Ready-To-Wear Show at Paris Fashion Week

Lindsay Judge   |   03-03-2023

Schiaparelli’s debut Ready-to-Wear runway show in Paris presented an all-around everyday wardrobe but in the Schiaparelli way.


A way that pushed the boundaries of dressing and expressed Elsa Schiparelli’s extravagant haute couture signature codes in new ways, to create an entire wardrobe for the woman who doesn’t want to go unnoticed.



Designed by Daniel Roseberry the collection focuses on wardrobe staples that help a woman feel more like herself yet be able to express herself through her clothing choices. Key signature hallmarks of the House put in place by Elsa Schiaparelli all those years ago are still present in this collection, highlighting the timelessness and continued relevance of the brand.



“It also represents a kind of response to our global clientele, who’ve made it clear that they want something powerful and distinctive from us. “Quiet” doesn’t work for our women.” Said Daniel Roseberry. “What they want instead are the pieces that already have become indelibly associated with the house: our sharp tailoring, graphic knitwear, subversive denim, and supple leather, all embellished with our trompe l’oeil ornaments and gold hardware. This season, I wanted to play with these new signatures by combining them with traditionally masculine fabrics and tonal shades (winter whites, rich browns).”



Accessories are also key to the collection as they have carved out such a vital identity for the brand over the last few years. The classic Face Bag returns and is also joined by the new Schiap bag, a trapunto baguette, which alludes to the design of the house’s ground-breaking 1937 fragrance, Shocking.



While this is ready-to-wear there is a strong sense of couture running throughout the essence of these designs, with many handmade elements and the finest of materials and craftsmanship ensuring that while this is everyday clothing, the quality and excellence of the House of Schiaparelli is never compromised.



Statement jewellery has come to be synonymous with this brand and this season’s collection is no different. Jewels come in the form of gilded lilies and oyster shells, giant keyhole doorknocker earrings, ad Roseberry’s new favourites; oversized hammered-gold cuffs with inlaid shearling and enamel padlocks.



This collection epitomises the meaning of European chic and as a debut ready-to-wear runway show for the House, most certainly will get the reception it deserves.