Stella McCartney Reaches New Milestone in Vegetarian Fashion Mission

Hayley Kadrou   |   04-04-2019

English fashion designer Stella McCartney has won in her effects to trademark ‘Fur-Free Fur.’


An advocate for animal rights, designer Stella McCartney has strict policies when it comes to what she will or will not allow to make up here lines.


And one of those includes ruling out the use of real fur within her label.


So strongly does she feel about the cause, the McCartney had been under the process of getting the phrase ‘fur-free fur’ trademarked.


Stella McCartney champions the fur-free movement

Stella McCartney champions the fur-free movement. CREDIT: Instagram/stellamccartney


And recently it has been revealed that the fashion house has, in fact, won the battle, and will presumably trademarking their line of faux fur clothes and accessories in due course.


Already, the use of fur, leather and feathers are excluded in the lifelong vegetarian’s range.  The company is positioned as a vegetarian brand.


The official website states that: “We are a vegetarian company and none of our products contain leather, fur, exotics skins or feathers – and none of the glues used in our shoes or bags come from animal origins.,.. None of our products are tested on animals.”


Recently, the designer has also unveiled a sustainable approach to eyewear, too. Her latest line is made from Bio Acetate, a more natural version of standard acetate. Differing from the petroleum-derived original, the bio version is made up of the components – cellulose acetate from wood and plasticizer from the esters of citric acid – are renewable and natural in origin.


Stella McCartney recently launched a sustainable sunglasses range

Stella McCartney recently launched a sustainable sunglasses range


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