Summer Shapes: This Season’s Hottest Menswear Trend  

Lindsay Judge   |   10-07-2022

Get ready to express yourself as colour clashing prints are this season’s hottest trend and they are bolder than ever.


The image of colourful prints takes our minds back in time to the swinging sixties or the pre-millennial 90s, both these decades saw bold patterns splashed across men’s and women’s clothing and accessories as people expressed themselves through fashion. Prepare to be dazzled, because it looks like the 2020s could be the print trend’s next big decade, and this time it’s coming to menswear in a big way! We discover how this trend has had a modern update, and how to style it with just the right balance.




Prints often make an appearance during summer. The brightness of the season is a great opportunity for people to express themselves and experiment. Embroidered palm trees have always been a popular design on a good summer shirt and of course, we should mention those classic Hawaiians, but how do designers create new patterns for the modern man without repeating what’s already been done?




This year the patterns have exploded, and they are bolder, brighter and more interesting than ever. Florescent clashing colours are combined with contrasting prints that don’t necessarily match and the goal is that you wear them from head-to-toe. Florals, tie-dye, zigzag, polkadot, check, the alphabet, you name it, if you can create a pattern with it, it’s bound to be a winning design. Let’s look at Versace’s Spring/Summer 22 collection. Magenta and cyan are two of the boldest colours on the colour wheel, and Versace has paired them together with a mixture of soft floral and harsh zigzag patterns, it’s an incredibly powerful statement and one that’s sure to make you stand out.


Gucci X Adidas


This trend is all about experimenting and wearing a daring combination with confidence, so why not make a comic book strip into a print? If any brand was going to, it was always going to be Moschino. We love the brand’s quirkiness and how it’s always finding new ways of bringing fun to its apparel and accessories. And then of course, we have fashion houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton with their signature monograms and logo patterns appearing across the collections, and exciting collaborations with Adidas make them even brighter and more interesting.




However, if those patterned ensembles are a little too extravagant for you, then we can take some other inspiration from Dior Men’s collection. This collection features some interesting prints, but with more subtle combinations and pastel tones, paired with other plain separates. A patterned statement jacket over a plain white tee could be a good option, just daring enough, but totally comforting too. Etro has also provided us with a paisley pattern capsule ready for summer, the swimwear range is an excellent addition to any vacation suitcase.


Whether you opt for a top-to-bottom power look or a cheeky printed accessory, it looks like patterns and prints are here to stay for a while, why not try it out? Go for it!