Sustainable Luxury House Niluu Releases Fabulous FW23 Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   08-09-2023

Niluu is a modern luxury house, known for its commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion.

For its Fall Winter “Grace” Collection  Niluu beckons with its exquisite blend of empowerment and grace. In the latest collection, there are soft tailored blazers and relaxed baggy cargo pants, cami dresses and super chic pussy bow dresses.

At the heart of this collection lies the captivating “Jovi” print. This Jacquard fabric toile print is more than just a design; it’s a tribute to nature’s wonders and the brand’s creative vision. The print weaves together the elegance of leopards, the strength of tigers, the playfulness of monkeys, and the wisdom of snakes against a backdrop of dove grey and midnight blue hues. 

 Discussing the collection, founder and creative director Nilufer Bracco said: “As the Creative Director behind Niluu, I’m thrilled to present a collection that goes beyond fashion; it’s about empowerment, versatility, and timeless grace. From soft-tailored blazers to the elegance of our cami dresses and the bold “Jovi” print, this collection invites you to embrace your inner force. Join me on this journey – it’s not what you wear; it’s about who you are; it’s about embracing your powerful force of nature.”