The House of Lili Blanc has unveiled its SS24 collection, called “Shades of Lili”.

Emma Hodgson   |   01-11-2023

The Spring-Summer collection by Sabrina Mouhieddine, made of contrasts and balance, portrays Lili Blanc’s journey and Miss Lili’s personal evolution. This collection embodies a timeless blend of confidence and elegance, celebrating every woman’s beauty through the perfect tailoring of garments. With each piece crafted to perfection, this collection is designed to bring out the best of every woman.

“I love to see garments not just for their beauty but as a symbol of the woman they are covering. To me, garments are so much more than just walking fabric, but rather a clear representation of the woman’s character who is wearing them”, Mouhieddine says. 

The “Shades of Lili” SS24 collection was inspired by the beauty of all Lily flowers. Through the collection, the house honours this majestic flower and showcases its sweet and innocent beauty. 

According to the house, lilies were chosen as the inspiration for the collection as they symbolise femininity, fresh life, and rebirth. 

From the detailed evening dresses to the perfectly tailored suits; the collection plays with the codes of Lili Blanc, made with the utmost care and attention to detail, with only the best fabrics used. From the elegant drape of thin and thick Crepe to the shimmering and translucent quality of organza, the versatile and elastic qualities of Jersey fabric, the high-quality vegan leather, and the house’s signature linen. 

Each piece of this collection has been perfectly crafted into different styles that represent the different lifestyles every woman has. In this collection, the house chose to follow the brand’s signature colours (black and white) in addition to pops of other shades (including neon green and fuchsia). 

“There is just something special when a woman designs garments for every woman out there. Let’s celebrate the beauty of being a woman – because all women are unique and beautiful in their own special ways,” Mouhieddine concluded.