The Making of Alexander McQueen’s Crystal Raindrop Embroideries

Fiona Lee   |   05-05-2022

Known for his artistic and original designs, Lee McQueen created garments with exceptional technical ability. As the Maison presents its Spring/Summer 2022 collection designed by Sarah Burton, we look at how this legacy continues through the latest embroidery technique.


Inspired by the London skyline and the view from the rooftops of the Alexander McQueen atelier, the embroidered collection is emblazoned with beads, sequin shards and crystals celebrating the elements from dawn until dusk.



The designs reflect the ominous grey London skies by using stormy shades of grey, black and navy, whilst in contrast, adding a detailed silvery pallet to symbolise light sparkling showers and rays of sunlight.



To perfect the placement of embroideries on these extraordinary pieces, the process requires paper drawn patterns delicately pinned to the material, chandelier embroidery is then meticulously handstitched following the artwork using specialist needles.



As with the ready-to-wear, the embroideries for boots, shoes and accessories are also applied entirely by hand.



Celebrities seen wearing custom-made designs include Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek-Pinault and Zendaya.