Versace Reveals its Hypnotising Pre-Fall Collection

Fiona Lee   |   13-06-2022

With a bigger, larger and monochrome take on the Baroque print, Versace reveals its hypnotising Pre-Fall 2022 collection.


Versace has revealed its latest Pre-Fall collection for 2022, and we are obsessed with the monochrome effect with vibrant interjecting colours. In true Versace style, this collection is daring and bold, a perfect offering for those wishing to express themselves through their style.


The collection features a range of apparel and accessories for both men and women. From the 60s flared pants, PVC leather skirts and printed headscarves for women to double denim, baggy trousers and printed knits for men. The collection visibly draws on inspiration from decades of iconic fashion styles and transforms them into a new modern era.



“Whoever said that it cannot be black AND white? I see creativity as an opportunity and a way of looking at things you have known all of your life in a different way, from another perspective and transform them into something new that, like a scent reminds you of emotions past, but are now connected to something completely rooted in the present moment.”  Says Donatella Versace


The menswear offering features both fitted suits and loose silhouettes for any occasion and taking centre stage are monochrome prints that can be seen throughout with glimmers of silver metallics and dashes of bright blue, beige and pink. The interrupting colours feel like something new amidst the familiarity of the La Greca print. Eclectic statements for the modern Versace man.



Meanwhile, womenswear is anything but safe, for a woman who does not have to prove anything to anyone and for whom has never feared reinventing herself. The collection is a fun mix of multicoloured prints with black and white Baroque, connecting with the men’s wardrobe. These statement pieces feature silk inserts on leather jackets, dresses, tops, and cocktail looks displaying a look that stands out and is unapologetically unique.