Artist Suzi Fadel Nassif Presents Wearable Artworks in a New Exhibition in Dubai

Lindsay Judge   |   13 - 11 - 2019

Lebanese artist Suzi Fadel Nassif will return to COYA Dubai with a new series of artworks titled Teatro de Alma.


With a Latino vibe the large-scale canvases feature vibrant colours and an anamorphic style of expression.



The artworks are echoed with a series of wearable artworks in the form of specially designed kimonos created by Nassif in collaboration with COYA. The kimonos take her work beyond the canvas and allow the wearers to express themselves through artistic statements. The kimonos feature the same prints as Nassif’s artworks and represent individuality and the artist’s insatiable love for life.



“My extensive travels have shown me the contrast between the acceleration of modernization in life and the traditions and legends of the past across different cultures – this is a central theme in my ‘Teatro del Alma’ exhibition at COYA Dubai,” said Nassif.



“The dialogue between opposing mindsets, and the authenticity and range of emotions we express, are all sources of inspiration for these new paintings,” she added.  “The concept of wearable artworks enables collectors to experience and share my palette and encouragement of self-expression in an entirely new way, literally transporting art through their own journey.” She continued.



Discover the collection at COYA Dubai from 14th November



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