Bring Your Gym Home With TechnoGym’s Indoor KINESIS Personal, the At-Home Training Solution

Lindsay Judge   |   25 - 03 - 2020

If you’re stuck inside at the moment and wondering how you’re going to get in crucial gym time, wonder no more as TechnoGym have the solution.


The KINESIS Personal is a training and wellness solution and the ultimate in designer gym equipment for the home. This unique design will fit seamlessly into your own space and answer all your training needs with just one piece of equipment.



The KINESIS Personal allows for more than 200 types of workout moves within less than one square metre. It is designed for personal co-ordinated movements that use resistance and promote strength and flexibility, as well as balance and allows you to rediscover and improve strength, coordination, flexibility, posture control and breathing control.


Made in Italy, this unique piece of equipment allows the body to use its own strength to train and uses the international patented three-dimensional Fullgravity technology. This technology activates all the kinetic chains of the body thanks to the innovative system of sliding cables with 360° rotation that offers resistance to movement in any direction.



What’s more, the KINESIS Personal is designed in a way that will fit seamlessly into your home and smoothly lend itself to your home’s interiors. The stylish unit will fit in even the smallest of apartments, sitting against a wall, taking up minimal space but allowing for maximum results. Available in deep wood or a reflective mirror finish it suits every taste.



This unique piece of gym equipment is perfect for those needing some at-home assistance.



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