Chanel Donates to Support Lebanon Following the Beirut Blast

Lindsay Judge   |   16-08-2020

Fashion House Chanel has announced that it will pledge a large sum of money to help support those affected by the recent explosion in Beirut.


The Parisian brand as a longstanding presence in Lebanon and feels very close to the Lebanese people. The brand will donate $750,000 that will be divided between four organisations that will provide different types of relief and support to victims of emergency situations.


The brand said in a statement: “CHANEL’s teams in every part of the world have been deeply saddened and moved by the dramatic situation and its tragic consequences for the Lebanese people.


CHANEL has a local presence and valued long-standing partners in Lebanon, some of whom are impacted like many other families in the country.”


The money will be divided as follows:

The Lebanese Red Cross will receive $200,000. Amel Association; an organisation that assists populations affected by humanitarian crises by offering health, psychosocial, child protection and rural development services will receive $100,000.


ACTED, a French humanitarian organisation that has been working in Lebanon since 2006 will receive $200,000 to help towards housing, food, electricity, COVID-19 protection equipment and mental health services to those most affected.


And the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) will receive $200,000. UNICEF is working alongside national authorities and civil society to ensure the continuity of health services, immunisation and provision of essential water services.


The statement from Chanel concluded: “We hope that this contribution will help the relief efforts in a country already hit by a difficult situation and the current Covid-19 crisis.”