Morning Coffee with Darine Abu Salim and Saada Domloge, Founders of Fabula Jewels

Lindsay Judge   |   04-04-2019




Darine Abu Salim and Saada Domloge founded their jewellery brand Fabula Jewels when they noticed a gap in the market for dainty yet glamorous, eternal jewellery. Both ladies have a strong passion for jewellery and decided to put their passion into a business with Fabula Jewels being born in 2015.


Each of their jewellery pieces is unique and tells a story of love, devotion and beauty. Many of the piece can be customised and created for each woman’s needs. They work with 18 carat gold, diamonds and precious stones to craft eye-catching pieces that are subtle, understated and most importantly homegrown in the UAE.


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Five things we learnt from talking to Darine Abu Salim and Saada Domloge:


  • They what everyone to take something away from the jewellery they create, Saada told us: “We want our jewellery to mean something to each and every person that purchases it. That’s why our slogan is “a story with every jewel.”


  • They were inspired by their own preferences of jewellery to start their own company. Darien told us: “we wanted to find jewellery and buy jewellery that fits our personalities and that was something that we weren’t able to find much of in the market.”


  • Jewellery is something that has always been important in their lives. Saada explained; “when I was a child I used to always open my mum’s jewellery box and mix and match everything she had. I would save from my allowance and once a month I’d go to the jewellery shop and buy something just for me.


  • They think the concept of jewellery is changing. Darine said: When we were growing up it was always something that was always very occasional and very statement jewellery, or something that you’re only gifted on weddings or special occasions. I think it’s very important because fashion has become a really big icon in the Middle East and in specifically in Dubai and I think jewellery also fits in that, it doesn’t have to just be for an occasion or a wedding.”


  • They have a special collection launching for Ramadan. Saada told us: “We have a new collection launching in Ramadan which is  the moo face collection.”




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