Pierre Marcolini Provides Luxury Chocolates for Healthcare Workers in the UAE

Lindsay Judge   |   09 - 04 - 2020

Chocolate maker Pierre Marcolini is donating a selection of its fine chocolates to those working on the frontline in the UAE’s Healthcare system.



Marcolini has already provided chocolates to hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Europe from his Belgian, Parisian and London boutiques and has decided to bring the same initiative to the UAE to provide a little happiness to the lives of those who are working on the frontline during this terrible crisis.



Providing chocolates from its Dubai Mall store to the front line staff of Medcare Hospital in Dubai Pierre Marcolini Middle East is hoping this small contribution can boost morale during the coronavirus crisis for the employees, patients or families who are working or suffering during this tie.


Pierre Marcolini is known for his luxury chocolate making that uses the finest cocoa beans from around the world. Based at a factory in Brussels, Belgium, Pierre Marcolini chocolates have been handmade since 1995.


It’s amazing the happiness a little bit of chocolate can bring!




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