Arts AlUla Announces A New Artist Residency Programme

Emma Hodgson   |   28-01-2024

The Saudi Arabian creative hub of AlUla has announced several new artist residency programmes, which are due to commence this year.

There are a total of six programmes – five residencies and one alumni programme – taking place during the 2023/2024 season. 

Artists and designers from all over the world will be welcomed to participate in a rich and diverse range of residencies, including spanning visual arts and performance, botanical and landscaping as well as heritage and innovation amongst others.

The new season of the AlUla Artist Residency Programme will further establish AlUla as a global hub for creative minds, drawing inspiration from its natural wonders, rich history, and diverse society. 

Together the programmes encourage artists and creatives to explore the boundless possibilities of AlUla, highlighting it as the go-to destination for immersive residencies.

During the AlUla Arts Festival, visitors will get the first opportunity to see some of the inspiring creations of the AlUla Artist Residency Programmes as they preview within the festival itself. 

The residencies will be showcasing two exhibitions at the AlUla Arts Festival from 9th February until 2nd March 2024. 

The exhibitions will be for the Visual Art Residency and the Design Residency. This collective and artistic initiative continues to establish AlUla as a vibrant cultural programme, encouraging visitors to enjoy the remarkable curations of these residency programmes.