Dubai Designer Creates Exclusive Installation at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Lindsay Judge   |   29-12-2021

Dubai-based womenswear label Shatha Essa has collaborated with the Malaysian Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai.


The Emirati designer has created a unique art installation that was presented to Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimi, the Emirati Minister of State for International Cooperation and the Managing Director for EXPO 2020.


Inspired by the rich heritage of Malaysia and the UAE Shatha Essa designed and created an art installation that depicts the sand dunes of the UAE enhanced by Malaysian craftsmanship. Expressed through 50 cones, these cones represent the 50 sand dunes of the UAE which are weaved using Malaysian crafts and materials.



An abstract vision portrayed through artistic elements, the cones form different heights and sizes to mirror the different deserts scattered around the country. While the peaks of each cone reflect the wind’s effect on each dune, further enhancing the country’s natural beauty. The edges of each cone are left rough and raw symbolizing the fragile life in the UAE before the discovery of oil.


Each element acts as an ode to the UAE’s journey over the past fifty years. The installation also features a thin gold line on every cone to signify and celebrate the UAE’s golden jubilee.


“I am proud and humbled to be able to collaborate with the Malaysia Pavilion and work alongside remarkable artisans to bring this installation to life. The Shatha Essa brand values in supporting women in their skills and craftsmanship which I was able to fulfil through this opportunity” says Shatha Essa, CEO & Creative Director of Shatha Essa.


Fusing Emirati talent with artisans from Malaysia, the installation is a tangible work of art that embodies the UAE’s quality of bringing different cultures and traditions together.


The art piece will be displayed at the EXPO site in a community art project known as Hammour House. The Hammour House exhibits powerful stories of sustainability in the UAE and around the world through art.



“Malaysia Pavilion is very honoured and happy to be able to collaborate with Shatha Essa to create a symbolic and meaningful work of art commemorating a very special occasion of the UAE. This is an expression of our gratitude to the UAE and our beautiful collaboration also gives us the opportunity to promote Malaysia’s heritage and craft – the pandanus weaving, which is a feature in our Pavilion,” says Michelle Lau, Malaysia Pavilion Director.