Emirati Artist Azza Al Qubaisi To Host A Workshop At JWS Abu Dhabi 2023

Emma Hodgson   |   05-11-2023

Azza Al Qubaisi, will be hosting an exclusive workshop at the 30th annual edition of the Jewellery & Watch Show (JWS) in Abu Dhabi this November. 

The session will include using cuttlefish bone, a material prized for its ability to withstand high temperatures, to carve moulds for silver.

Throughout the workshop, participants can expect to learn about basic jewellery techniques, cultural traditions, classic styles, and artistic movements that have been employed by different designers throughout the history of the jewellery-making process.

Azza Al Qubaisi, workshop leader and co-founder of the Ebda’a Awards, said: “Casting with cuttlefish bone is one of the oldest jewellery-making techniques, having been used for centuries because of its simplicity and speed.  The two pieces of cuttlebone are flattened by the friction, creating channels to hold the molten metal.”

She added: “This workshop is for anyone – whether you’re an expert craftsman or simply an aspiring artist. I’m excited to get people involved in a process that has withstood the test of time and continues to be set apart as a highly successful form of jewellery mould-making in today’s local market.”