Feminist Podcasts By Inspirational Women You Need To Download Now

Hayley Kadrou   |   23-04-2019

Whether you’re on the commute, hitting up the gym or keeping your mind stimulated during boring household tasks, download these podcasts created through a feminist lens by inspiring women to make you think, laugh and sometimes even cry.


When Women Win 


What we love about this podcast is that as well as telling the stories of inspirational women all over, it’s locally-made by a likewise inspirational woman, Rana Nawas. Every two weeks, the host speaks to a different successful woman about her journey as she shares her advice and tips. Insightful, engaging and always informative.


The Bechdel Cast


If anyone ever told you that feminists take themselves too seriously, they clearly never listened to The Bechdel Cast. Comedians Jamie Loftus and Caitlin Durante dissect all our old favourite movies (old being the optimum word) from The Little Mermaid to Cruel Intentions and Fight Club using the Bechdel test – in their take of it, it requires two female identifying characters who are named to exchange two lines of dialogue that doesn’t revolve around a man. While a movie that passes is surprisingly rare, a laugh a minute isn’t, even when dealing with real and sometimes tough topics.


Stuff Mom Never Told You


Kind of what it says on the box, the podcast – currently hosted by Anney Reese – deals with topics and issues relating to being a woman. Week by week, Anney is joined by guests to tackle topics such as Women and Likeability, Cooking Shows, and Princesses and Evil Step-Mothers. As well as the eye-opening chats happening in reaction to current news and entertainment trends, there is an entire archive of incredible episodes to listen to from some of the previous hosts.




And speaking of the previous hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You, Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin left the show under the How Stuff Works umbrella in 2016 to launch their own joint project. As well as a same-titled book, the duo’s new podcasts similarly confront a different daring topic each week, but this time nothing is off limits. As the name might indicate, the podcast dissects traditionally ideas of femininity, and challenge women to get unladylike. The close friendship and jokes shared between the hosts are as captivating as the content itself.


Guilty Feminist


We’ve all had those moments when we’ve questioned ourselves as a capital F Feminist for anything from enjoying a domestic hobby or spending our weekends doing what’s seen as a stereotypical female pastime. In Guilty Feminist, the host Deborah Frances-White – a comedian and feminist writer –  chats through with guests the topics and concepts of 21st-century feminist, pulling them apart to see all sides of the story.