Montblanc Celebrates Robert Louis Stevenson With The House’s New Writing Instrument

Emma Hodgson   |   02-08-2023

The eagerly anticipated annual Montblanc Writers Edition has finally been released, and for the 2023 edition the luxury house has decided to champion the great Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer Robert Louis Stevenson. 

The author –  who lived during the late 1800s – famously penned the great classical novels “Treasure Island” and “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

The incredible success achieved during his career is even more so exceptional due to the fact that he battled with life long health issues, caused by a severe bronchial condition leading him to tragically pass away at the young age of 44. 

Discussing the new collection in notes which accompany the release, a spokesperson for Montblanc said: “Every design detail of the four different editions that make up the collection illustrates the life and work of Robert Louis Stevenson, “Treasure Island”  in particular. The shape of the writing instrument is inspired by the spyglass used by sailors and pirates, with the lower geometry of the cone evoking the opening of the spyglass. Each edition features an original interpretation of the skull and crossbones, universally recognised symbols for pirates around the world. The compass rose that appears throughout the collection is a nod to “Treasure Island”, the location of a legendary treasure that plays a central role in Stevenson’s most famous novel. A reference to his final years on the Pacific Island of Samoa and the affection he earned from the locals, his nickname “TUSITALA” or “teller of stories” adorns each nib in the collection.”

Writing instruments in the collection include the Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson – Limited Edition 8, the Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson – Limited Edition 1883 and the Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson – Limited Edition.