Celebrating Saudi National Day

Lindsay Judge   |   23-09-2022

Today Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day on 23rd September. the opportunities for this country are endless.


This day is a day that marks the beginning of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (formally the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz) in 1932 and offers its citizens and residents to celebrate how far the country has come and where it’s heading.


This year is a particularly important moment in the country’s history as it is experiencing some of its most exciting developments and changes in its history.



With incredible tourism projects, ground-breaking changes in laws and industry guidelines, the country is thriving.


To mark this special day we meet some of the country’s most inspiring men and women who are making their mark in the history of The Kingdom and you can find this across our website and print editions.


We wish all of our Saudi Arabian Friends a happy Saudi National Day.