Discover The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah’s Hidden Gem

Lindsay Judge   |   09-03-2020

Nestled in the heart of Sharjah The Chedi Al Bait Hotel is a truly unique property.


Built through the restoration and preservation of a traditional Emirati home. In one of the region’s most ambitious preservation projects, the hotel was born through a coming together of Islamic Heritage and contemporary design.



Al Bait meaning “the home” is welcoming from the get-go. The homely environment feels relaxed and meandering alleyways and hidden corners offer mystery combined with comfort. Part of the traditional Emirati home has been converted into a library and museum, while the hotel’s rooms and restaurants are incorporated into heritage buildings that are almost a century old. Walking around the resort you can feel the history that is still deeply cemented into the property.



The gastronomy on offer at the hotel is one of a kind and something that you would not expect to find in Sharjah. A combination of international and traditional cuisine the hotel’s chefs have tailor-made menus at the hotel’s restaurants that are truly unique. The first-class dining on offer is created using fresh local (where possible) ingredients and the chefs are incredibly creative in their presentation and combination of textures and flavours.


The Restaurant Pina Colada Dessert


Bold colours, unusual designs and attention to detail mean the dishes on offer at this hotel are truly one of a kind. Creative mocktails including the lavender-inspired glittering drink are the perfect finishing touch.


Mini Chocolate Garden Dessert

There are a number of dining options to choose from including Emirati gourmet favourites served family-style at The Arabic Restaurant and international fare from morning to evening in The Restaurant.


Both restaurants boast a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, giving diners the chance to appreciate the surroundings while enjoying their meal. The Café offers pastry delights for those with a sweet tooth.



If you’re looking for the true Sharjah experience step out the hotel’s gates and you’ll find dozens of traditional souks selling everything from Emirati trinkets to internationally found antiques.




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