Dubai Restaurant Amazónico Invites You to Celebrate World Rainforest Day

Fiona Lee   |   21-06-2022

Wednesday 22nd June marks World Rainforest Day, and to celebrate this special occasion, Dubai restaurant Amazónico makes a pledge for every guest that dines with them on this date.


Transporting guests to the Amazon Rainforest from Dubai, Amazónico takes you into the depths of the jungle through its leafy emerald interiors and culinary dishes. The restaurant has two other locations, one in London and another in Madrid, all three of these restaurant locations will be uniting in a bid to give something back to the regions that inspire the world of Amazónico.


In partnership with its long-term charity ‘One Tree Planted’, for every person who dines at the restaurant on Wednesday 22nd June, Amazónico will donate a tree to the rainforest doubling its conservation efforts. The restaurant began its contribution to the charity last year when on this same annual day, Amazónico renamed one of its signature cocktails ‘Save the Jungle’. Each time one of these cocktails is purchased, the restaurant donates a tree to the rainforest.



Since last year, close to 10,000 cocktails have been sold across the three restaurant locations resulting in thousands of trees being donated to One Tree Planted’s reforestation in San Martin, Peru. The impressive project aims to tackle deforestation and restore eco-systems in the Amazon. This project not only benefits the animals who inhabit the forests, but also the local families byt creating jobs within the communities.



If you would like to get involved in donating a tree and saving the rainforest, then contact: or +971 4 571 3999