Expo 2020 Dubai Presents Space Week

Lindsay Judge   |   19-10-2021

As the second themed week at Expo 2020 Dubai, Space Week is celebrating the UAE’s achievements in space so far and looking forward to the future of space travel.


The event which is taking place across a number of the event’s pavilions also highlights the global potential and impact of space travel.


Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri during Dignified Storytelling Stories of Great Ambition and Hope


On day two, one of the highlights came from Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri who shared his story of travel to Mars with an audience as part of the Dignified Storytelling: Stories of Great Ambition and Hope’ panel conversation.


“You can’t describe the view from space,” he said as he spoke at the Space Week event at Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion.


Nora Al Matrooshi speaks during the ‘Ask An Astronaut’ Q&A as part of The People’s Mission Citizens in Space Exploration


“You learn something – you notice there are no borders between countries. It’s only continents, mountains, the seas, and that’s it. I’ve learnt that, as humans, we have to walk together to achieve amazing things. Maybe we are divided here [on Earth], but up there we are united.”


Meanwhile Nora Al Matrooshi the UAE’s first female astronaut spoke during the ‘Ask An Astronaut’ question and answer session as part of The People’s Mission – Citizens in Space Exploration presentation. She shared insights into her upcoming space mission and what it means to her to be chosen to represent her country in this way.


At the Italy Pavilion, a programme titled “Space 4 Sustainability” looked at the future of space travel. Covering areas including research, design and technologies. A panel of experts tackled issues including the issue of space debris and the need for collaboration between countries to reduce costs, increase sustainability and promote space inclusivity.


Space4Sustainability at the Italy Pavilion


The event brought together a number of Italian space experts and industry leaders, including Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), who spoke about ‘Access to Space for All’, a joint initiative of UNOOSA, space agencies, research institutions and industry.


Space Week at Expo 2020 Dubai runs until 23rd October 2021.