Global Heroines: A&E Celebrates Inspirational Women

Eliza Scarborough   |   06-02-2018

We live in a generation where inspirational women fight for equality and strive for excellence, embracing their femininity to break down barriers that have in the past stood in the way.


Last year saw the ultimate show of unity, with The Women’s March, which triggered almost 700 marches around the world and brought an estimated 4.5million marchers to the streets. This only illustrated further the power and volume of women’s voices when they speak as one, and will no doubt empower the next generation of women to follow in their bold and positive footsteps.


With that in mind, we have honoured those who have had a positive impact on others, and refuse to conform. They dare to do the impossible, encouraging young visionaries to break, not just push, boundaries, inspiring people around the world to fight for what they believe in.