HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Announces Plans for Expo City

Fiona Lee   |   20-06-2022

An exciting announcement is here as HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum reveals the expected plans for the Expo 2020 site.


We have all been waiting in anticipation to hear about what will happen to the Expo site now that the biggest show of the year has come to an end. With extraordinary pavilions and large arenas, residents of the UAE hoped that pieces of this memorable site would stay part of the country and history. The latest plans are here as HH Sheikh Mohammed reveals the expected transformations in an announcement.


Dubai Expo 2020 has had an incredible amount of success, bringing in visitors from all over the world and leaving a mark in the history of the Expo itself. More than 24 million visitors attended Expo during the six months that it was open and provided incredible experiences, shows and education. HH Sheikh Mohammed announces, “The magic of Expo will continue.”



Plans to transform the city have now been submitted and within these plans, the site will be transformed into a new residential city. Revealing the plans, it was expressed that an environmentally friendly city would be an important aspect of the renovation, enabling this new development to cater for families and their future generations.


The city will represent the “ambitions of Dubai” and feature a museum, world-class exhibition centre, successful and modern companies as well as residential homes. The site will also keep some of the favourite pavilions including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco.


Saudi Arabia Pavilion


The site will be connected to airports via the metro link and focus as a key hub for technology and the environment. The city will begin to open in phases, with the re-launch of the Alif and Terra pavilions in September.