Super Easy Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland

Lindsay Judge   |   10-12-2018



christmas decorating tips


Carol Sukkar brought her decades of design experience to establish Home & Soul, a unique home retail concept in the heart of Jumeirah. Travelling to all corners of the world, owners Carol and Wael Sukkar bring together carefully curated homewares that are handpicked from all corners of the globe. Selected with a unique client in mind, Home & Soul’s pieces are quite different from anything else you’ll find in the UAE and bespoke unique collection of pieces from such a broad range of sources makes it a desired destination for interior savvy customers. Home & Soul has a distinct style of understated and simplistic design that is carefully considered and defined. They also offer and in-house interior design service for those looking to re-vamp their living space.


With that in mind, this festive season Home & Soul presents a carefully curated selection of seasonal interiors and decorations. In line with their ethos of understated elegance, the festive collection features pieces that are minimal and timeless. A&E spoke to co-owner Carol Sukkar on how to achieve the perfect balance of happiness and playfulness this festive season.


christmas decorating tips

What trends can we expect to see in festive decorations this year?

If you truly want a modern and chic look we love slim and sparse tree decorations with neutral and metallic coloured ornaments. By neutral, we mean those that match the decor of your house. It is best to use subtle-toned ornaments such as white, silver and gold.


What is a starting point when decorating your home for the festive season?

Of course, the Christmas tree. Once you have that in place it makes it easier to decorate everything else.


What are the festive colour trends for this year?

Silver and gold – both are very subtle but a nod to the festive season.


How do you feel about one-colour tree decorations?

I love the concept of monotone decorations on a tree, all the same tones especially metallic colors such as silver and gold work well.


Classic or modern?

Modern for sure, just basic white lights.


christmas decorating tips


As an interior designer what is your pet hate?

Not mixing textures, shapes and sizes with the ornaments on a Christmas tree. Avoiding to do so can make the tree quite bulky and cause an imbalance leaving it cluttered and unappealing.


What is the one essential thing everyone should have in their home at Christmas?

A Christmas tree for sure – there’s nothing like having all of your presents under the tree.


How do you decorate your home for Christmas but ensure it doesn’t feel cluttered?

I like to keep it simple. Adding a lot of candles to my coffee table helps to create depth. I keep the dining table neat and simple with just a few twigs and candle holders. The entrance is of prime importance to me with a lovely decorated Christmas wreath at the front of our door.


What are you suggestions for people with small homes or an apartment?

Find the right place for the Christmas tree, it can be in one of the corners in your living room. Decorate both your coffee table and dining table and hang stockings on your children’s beds as it’s a great way of adding a Christmas touch to your home.


christmas decorating tips


What do you personally do to decorate your home for the season?

I personally love decorating my Christmas tree. It’s a tradition every year that me and my family all help to decorate the tree – it really does get us in the festive spirit.


Where are you spending Christmas this year?

We are spending Christmas in Amman, Jordan this year with our entire family.