Wedding Planner and Table Stylist Maya Toubia Shares Her tips and Tricks to Decorating Your Home This Ramadan

Lindsay Judge   |   03-05-2021

This Ramadan, many of us will be spending more time entertaining at home and it’s important to create the magical atmosphere associated with the Holy Month within your own space.


Whether it’s an intimate family gathering for iftar or you’re welcoming guests for suhoor it’s important to be sure your table looks great and your guests feel special. Wedding Planner and Table Stylist Maya Toubia offers her tips on styling your home to perfection in order to celebrate this Ramadan and Eid in the best way possible.


Maya Toubia


With Ramadan fast approaching what are some of the ways we can start preparing and decorating our homes?

As lanterns are traditionally used to welcome Ramadan in many Muslim countries, using your own lanterns, candles and string lights is a great way to start. Introduce lanterns to the home both outside and inside to create a welcoming setting.


Are there any colours or trends that we will see a lot of this year in terms of table decoration? 

Gold is always a winner during Ramadan but any other additional colour is more than welcome. Remember to consider your home interior. Ramadan decorations should complement the colours that are already present in your home.



What should we think about when choosing plates and glassware? 

The size of glassware and cutlery should ideally be in proportion to the size and style of the plates you chose as well as the size of the table. Always choose something both useful and beautiful. And try to stay away from plain white plates and simple transparent glassware.


For those on a budget what are some of the simple ways you can add sparkle to your home this Ramadan?

Incorporating a few lanterns will simply add a Ramadan touch to your table. You can also use beautiful paper napkins that will add design and colours to the table without going over budget.



When entertaining guests throughout Ramadan what are some of your top tips for table decorations?

Use light decorative elements on your table as a way to keep space for the food and also don’t use high centrepieces that might block eye contact between you and your guests.


What about outdoor table styling for suhoor – what would be your suggestions? 

If you are entertaining outdoors try to use fairy light strings or hanging bulbs that will add a magical Ramadan spirit to the overall table.



What is your biggest ‘no’ when it comes to decorating your table?

Don’t over exaggerate. Sometimes less is more. Make sure you leave space for the food because it will usually be displayed on the table during Ramadan, not on a separate buffet table.


Many of us will be spending more time at home this Ramadan – what are some ways we can add a special touch to dining at home that will bring that restaurant feel to the dining table?

Make your table look fuller by using tabletop elements. Show plates are a great extra as well as placemats or table covers and runners. Use full plate sets, fabric napkins, napkin rings and full glassware sets. Always have multiple glasses on the table – one for water and one for juice.



What about flower arrangements is there anything you would recommend? 

When it comes to flowers follow a colour palette according to your tableware and glassware design and colours. Make sure your flower centrepiece is not too high as it will become distracting.


For Eid celebrations what should we keep in mind when entertaining family? 

You can still use the same table wear but maybe try changing the flowers and it will instantly give you a completely different look.



Any other tips and tricks you would like to share?  

Try to find small and cute giveaways that you can place on each plate setting for your guests. It will make your table look fuller and after all, Ramadan is all about giving back.