Montblanc Reveals New Pieces In Its Signature Meisterstück Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   06-12-2023

Montblanc has unveiled several new additions to the house’s signature Meisterstück Collection. The latest Meisterstück assortment features a new ink blue colour, a vibrant tone that pays homage to the liquid fuel that powers the writing experience. 

In the same spirit, it was also an ink-stained heritage glass bottle found in the Montblanc archives that inspired Artistic Director Marco Tomasetta to introduce a captivating sfumato effect to a selection of Meisterstück leather pieces. 

Available in a warm burgundy colour and a modern forged iron colour, the sfumato effect softly transitions from darker colours at the bottom of the bag to lighter tones at the top, evoking the process of ink slowly diffusing into paper. As the effect is manually applied via airbrush on the finished leather at the end of the production process, each sfumato piece is rendered one-of-a-kind and becomes a testament to craftsmanship nurtured over time.

 “The visual identity of this collection is rooted in the iconic design elements of one of the most celebrated symbols of writing culture. As a collection that is always evolving, the latest pieces explore an additional dimension of writing with colours and effects directly inspired by the beauty of ink and the effect it creates as it takes hold. The importance placed on the functional value of each piece to its owner is reflected in the selection of new shapes and styles that make these pieces versatile and adaptable,” said Marco Tomasetta, the Montblanc Artistic Director.