Montblanc Announces New StarWalker SpaceBlue Writing Instrument

Emma Hodgson   |   27-09-2023

Montblanc StarWalker writing instrument collection is a response to “humankind’s fascination with space exploration and the wonder of walking among the stars”, according to the house. 

“Just like those who push the limits of technological advancement and human knowledge on earth and in space, Montblanc explores a variety of different materials and techniques with every edition. Turning from Planet Earth towards the stars and the galaxy, StarWalker SpaceBlue is inspired by materials originating from space, namely the Widmanstätten pattern, considered among nature’s most hypnotic creations.” the house continued. 

The central design focus of the new edition is a rendition of this mesmerizing Widmanstätten pattern, named after Viennese scientist Count Alois von Beckh Widmanstätten who was one of the first people to discover and study the phenomenon in 1808. 

The Widmanstätten pattern consists of interlocking bands or plates of different minerals or phases within the metal. These bands typically form at the boundary between two different crystallographic phases in the material. The most famous example of the Widmanstätten pattern is in iron meteorites, where it can be seen when the meteorite is etched with acid or exposed to other chemical treatments.

The formation of the Widmanstätten pattern is a result of the slow cooling process that takes place over millions of years in the outer space environment for meteorites or during controlled heat treatments for certain alloys on Earth. This slow cooling allows the different phases within the material to grow and interlock in a unique and visually striking pattern. The pattern is characterized by its geometric, angular shapes and often appears as a series of fine, metallic lines or blades.

 The StarWalker SpaceBlue collection includes three different writing instrument editions – a Resin edition made of matte patterned blue precious resin with dark ruthenium-coated fittings, a Doué edition that pairs a patterned precious resin barrel with a metal cap, and a Metal edition entirely in patterned metal. Each edition is available as a Ballpoint, Fineliner and Fountain Pen featuring a ruthenium-coated Au 585 nib and fitted with a piston converter engineered specifically for the StarWalker collection and compatible with previous models.

In addition, Montblanc is introducing a blue leather-lined notebook featuring a distinctive pattern on its cover, as well as a matching dark blue ink. A pair of cufflinks in steel and lacquer with the signature StarWalker translucent dome design completes the collection.