​​Six Senses AlUla Will Open A “Living Museum” in Saudi Arabia

Emma Hodgson   |   01-11-2023

Six Senses has announced that it will be opening a new property at AlUla in Saudi Arabia in 2027, with a very unique twist. 

The property will open a new luxury hotel, which honours the immense history in the region. 

Alua is home to the ancient Nabatean civilization, this once important trading destination, strategically placed along the historical spice route connecting east and west, pays homage to centuries of human history and culture.

Today, the immaculately preserved monumental tombs, replete with elaborately decorated facades dating from the 1st century BC to 1st century AD, make AlUla the Kingdom’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. Six Senses AlUla will serve to enhance this thrilling destination by preserving the cultural and architectural treasures on show within its 1,200,000 square-meter landscape and providing guests with a walk-on part amongst the swirl of ancient myths and stories.

With surroundings this magnificent, the 100 guest villas and 25 residences will be built using architectural methods that blend stealthily into it, unadorned by unnecessary fuss yet radiant in their ability to create the ultimate wow factor.

“Bringing to life the drama and beauty of a site with unprecedented historical and cultural significance is a sensational opportunity,” says Six Senses Chief Executive Officer Neil Jacobs. “It inspires uncompromising sustainability, well-being, and hospitality that ignites the senses in a way that is profoundly emotional. It is exciting to be a new chapter to AlUla’s legacy.”