Discover the Hidden Beauty of Paris with The Nolinski Paris

Lindsay Judge   |   21-09-2020

The Nolinski Paris brings back a focus on the elegance of discreet luxury with (re)discoveries of Paris and lessons in manners and etiquette.


This season the luxury Parisian hotel offers a number of experiences and unique opportunities for its guests to experience the true beauty of the city, along with five-star luxury hospitality.



The first exciting opportunity is a partnership with jeweller and watchmaker Chaumet. The brand invites guests to discover its historic Maison at 12 Vendôme. To celebrate its 240th anniversary, the Maison celebrates its historic headquarters in the heart of the iconic city. Combining tradition and modernity, this redesigned location brings out the best in a store that resembles a traditional Parisian apartment. An exclusive, private experience will let you discover the new setting of the Maison Chaumet and its newest jewellery creations. This exceptionally refined day ends with two La Colline treatments at the Nolinski Spa.


The second must-try experience is a sidecar tour around the lesser-known streets of Paris. This mystical tour will take you through some of the city’s quirky streets and special gems that only the locals would know about. One or two people can experience all the charms of Paris in a one-and-a-half-hour sidecar tour, driven by one of the Gentlemen Siders of Retro-Tour, who will share the Parisian art de vivre with you. These lovers of vintage motorcycles, who are globe- trotters and inveterate travellers, will show you the best of Paris.


Nolinski Paris


And the third experience which is new to the hotel this season is to learn the best of French etiquette and art de vivre. Trainers of Aristocodes will show you all the nuances of the “French Touch.” In particular, this workshop will let you in on the art of meals, conversation, manners, and politeness as well as the attitude to adopt in all situations, for elegance can become a true communication tool. These tips can be tested out at a gourmet dinner at the Restaurant du Palais Royal. The great skill of Aristocodes lies in making the codes of politeness accessible by demystifying them, explaining their meaning, and adapting them to modern life.


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