Three Luxurious Glamping Spots to Help You Reconnect with Nature

Hayley Kadrou   |   08-04-2019

Take a step back from the city and enjoy the more basic things in life – without compromising on style, that is.


It might remind you of nights exploring with your friends as a child, but camping is getting more and more popular among grown-up people, too.


Well, by that we mean glamping is pulling in post-pubescent audiences – or glamourous camping. Because making a quick escape from the chaos of city life has not only never been more appealing, it’s never been easier thanks seek out both peace and a touch of pampering thanks to the luxury campsites and grounds that have popped up all around the UAE.


Here are just a handful to add to your weekend getaway bucket list:


CREDIT: Instagram/kingfisherlodge

CREDIT: Instagram/kingfisherlodge

Kingfisher Lodge, Sharjah


Once known for its incredible kingfisher market within the region, this aptly named camping lodge located in Khor Kalba has come a long way. Now, visitors will find stunning tents that featured like a fully furnished apartment, each complete with a private pool to soak off in. Nature fixes will come in the form of freshly cooked dinners served around the communal firepit, nights spent under the stars on the tent decking, hiking and walking trails just a stone’s throw away and views of the glistening Indian Ocean.


CREDIT: Long Beach Campground

CREDIT: Long Beach Campground

Long Beach Campground, Ras Al Khaimah


Choose from a selection of deluxe outside options when you visit the Bin Majid Beach Hotel. The Longbeach Campground offers luxury tents such as the Panoramic Dome Suite, but guests can also enjoy everything from getting active with beach yoga, sea view aerobics, kite flying, and kayaking to winding down in the outdoor spa and sauna.


CREDIT: Anantara

CREDIT: Anantara

Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Bedouin Camp, Abu Dhabi


Considering this camp-side spin-off has been created by one of the most opulent desert hotels within the region, you know you’re in a for a treat. Look out onto the dunes as you enjoy an authentic experience diner under the stars around a communal majlis and kitchen tent. With a minimum of ten people per booking, this is a perfect getaway with the entire family.


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