Two Arab Female Bikers Star In A Regional Travel Series

Diana Bell-Heather   |   08-10-2018

Here in the Middle East, we love to break misconceptions and two female bikers are doing more than that in a new travel TV series.


open road arab bikers uae jordan


Pushing past the social and cultural barriers, The Open Road follows Chantal from the UAE and Pamela from Lebanon as they strap on their helmets and bike their way through areas of the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan. Sanjay Raina, general manager and senior vice-president of Fox Networks Groups, said in a statement:


“The series comes at the perfect time where Arab women are increasingly celebrated, and with this series starring two young Arab female bikers, we celebrate their spirit of exploration and adventure as well. And Season 1 is just the beginning.”


As the first FOX Original Productions from the Middle East, the show celebrates the region and gives a fresh perspective through their adventures as they meet local people, explore food and culture and interact with other members of the biking community.


See episode 1 on October 13 on Fox channels and on National Geographic Abu Dhabi, Star Movies and Star World from 8pm.