UAE Is In The Top Five Best Countries For Working Abroad

Diana Bell-Heather   |   09 - 01 - 2019

Any expat would tell you to take a leap of faith and work abroad. Not only can this bold move offer career growth, but it can expand your mind socially and culturally.


Dubai Design District working abroad

Dubai Design District


But how do you pick where to dedicate your precious time to? HSBC decided to do the hard work for you and surveyed 22,318 foreign employees in 163 countries to put together the top five countries for expats, and the UAE was one of them.


It’s not surprising with sunny weather all year-round, diverse job opportunities, easy connections to explore various parts of the world during your holidays, and of course the many adventurous things you can enjoy during your time here.


skydive dubai working abroad


Bahrain was also included in the top five alongside the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Germany came out as the winner with 70% of people questioned saying that it offers a great work-life balance, while 65% claimed that the country had great career progression.